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Calculation of the Cost of Surrogacy

Calculation of the cost of surrogate maternity

Surrogate maternity requires great financial costs. Therefore, it is very important to know how reasonably and how much money is spent, as well as how it is justified.

Surrogate mother remuneration

This is the main stage during the program implementation.  In general, pregnancy from the IVF requires huge physical and emotional efforts. Biological parents should clearly understand that health of their future child depends upon honesty and responsibility of the surrogate mother. According to international standards, surrogate mothers should receive financial resources for quality nutritional products, clothing for pregnant woman, vitamins, prescription medications, consultations, medical observations and delivery. In definite cases, for example multifetal pregnancy, or in case of necessity for abortion, a sum of payment may be changed.

Medical procedures

High quality medical care is a main precondition for a successful program. The most important aspect that shouldn’t be ignored financially is a medical part. Quality of each stage of the program is strictly supervised by a team of the best specialists, therefore all risks are minimized when achieving the goal. 

Services of lawyers

In case of delivery of a healthy baby, lawyers provide a legal right of biological parents on the baby.

In each country, surrogate maternity has its own peculiarities in the legislation in force and without knowledge of the language a foreigner will have difficulties understanding them. An agreement is concluded with a surrogate mother. After  the child delivery a birth certificate  is issued with  the indication of  the biological parents. Lawyers will regulate all disputable issues with a surrogate mother.

Additional expenses

Logistics  represent additional expenditures:

Travelling of biological parents abroad, hiring of vehicles, booking of airplane, hotel rooms. The program considers a high qualified support of psychologist. These specialists will help in the period of implementation of the program, sometimes their professional assistance is necessary to remove stress by means of negotiations.

Despite of the fact that in the process of the program all efforts, knowledge and professionalism of specialists are concentrated it is difficult to forecast success of the IVF procedure and pregnancy of a surrogate mother.

Risks of complications should always be considered, and in case of a unsuccessful procedure the parties should take it easy.

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