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Ovum Donation In Georgia

According to the law in Georgia, parents will be immediately able to register their names in the metrics of a child and that will a possibility for them to leave the country which the child.

If you read this text it means that:

– You dream about a child;
– Pregnancy and delivery are dangerous for your health;
-Your Attempts to get pregnant and to give a birth were unsuccessful;
– You understand that the only one method for you is a surrogate maternity;
– Probably, you want your baby pass a period of pregnancy in the country where the surrogate maternity is legally allowed by using the most leading and contemporary reproductive technologies;
– For you, the most important is a psychological and physical health of a mother, as well as favorable climate conditions and fair price;
MySuroBaby will provide a complex assistance to you within the cooperation with the best clinics of the state!

Why Georgia?

We recommend Georgia because it has the following advantages:

– Reproductive medicine complying world standards, where contemporary technologies and equipment will provide a maximally positive result;
– Surrogate maternity is legal and it excludes illegal actions and breaching of the applicable legislation;
– Visa free travel between RF, CIS countries, European and other countries of the world;
– The cost of the programs is much lower than in the USA and Europe, which reduces additional costs.

The most important components are: The comfortable environment and healthcare for mother, as it is the key point for delivering a healthy babe.   Georgia completely answers these challenges by existing traditions of healthy living and desirable ecology.

Besides, citizenship is a good additional benefit for a child, which will be granted regardless parent’s nationality and permanent residence.  In future the child will be able to gain the second citizenship where he or she will travel with his parents. 


By concluding of an agreement on a surrogate maternity of Georgia:

– we provide control over fulfillment of all terms and conditions;

– Confidentiality – The secrecy of a baby’s birth (we do not disclose data of our clients);

– Responsibility and correctness of a legal process (with the cooperation of MySuroBaby’s lawyers);

– Child’s legal departure from Georgia– documents according to the legislation of the country.

In addition to it, a surrogate mother will not have any rights regarding a child and only biological parents will be indicated in the birth certificate.

If you have an excellent health condition and want to become a surrogate mother, MySuroBaby is ready to help you to make a childless family happy!

Leading medical technologies of Georgia

There are contemporary medical services in Georgia that utilize surrogate motherhood programs and reduce the risks. For example, genetic tests of biological materials of parents (sperm, oocytes), are conducted, as well as an expensive complex testing of a psychological health of the surrogate mother are carried out.

MySuroBaby, usually offers its own candidates, but there were some occasions, when potential parents had their own candidates, however in practice it appears that the company has more reliable candidates with experience in surrogate without any encountered problematic situations.

Employers of the company MySuroBaby suggests a complete set of services, including cooperation with authorized clinics and genetic laboratories. The company renders a qualified legal support, notarizes documentation, and in case of need the translation of all legal and medical documentations into a native language of biological parents.

Donation in Georgia

MySuroBaby provides the highest quality of these services. High level of medical services, large database of donors, and the relevant legislation makes Georgia one of the best proposals for donation of oocytes. Reproductologists are strictly in control of the entire donor program, starting from screenings up to extracting of matured oocytes according to relevant guidelines.

Arguments in favor of donation of oocytes in Georgia

Georgia is a country with good ecology, mountain and sea resorts, where medical tourism is actively developing. Georgia is famous with its long-livers, pure mountainous air, strong healthy people. According to contemporary researches representatives of this nation rarely have genetic diseases in comparison with representatives of other nations. A probability of transferring of any genetic disease or any disorder to the fetus is very low.

Legal and medical aspects

A procedure of donation of oocytes in Georgia is strictly regulated by legislation. The practice and experience of our employees showed that there is no any disputable situation in this field.

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