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Donation of oocytes

MySuroBaby understands your feelings and emotions for involving the program of surrogate maternity and donation of oocytes. Probably, you have already passed an unpleasant treatment, many attempts to get pregnant and sad disappointments. MySuroBaby helps the families, convince them with a right to become a parent.

We have obtained a unique database of donors from different countries. However, while selection the donor surrogate mother, we recommend choosing a residence country of a donor surrogate mother, as it will simplify a procedure of further application of oocytes. However, the quality of the procedure, despite the country will be controlled by our specialists. A high level of medical manipulations will provide a desirable result.

Features of receiving of oocytes from a donor

During a life span, woman’s organism generates hundreds of oocytes. Each of them may create a new life. But, sometimes after 40 years problems with health conditions can cause the absence of generation of oocytes. Sometimes Oocytes can be generated, but they are not relevant for fertilization. Thanks to the development of in vitro fertilization, reproductologists have implemented a procedure of using of donor’s oocytes. A process of reaching of pregnancy of a surrogate mother may be accelerated if oocyte of a healthy young mother is used. Thus, future parents will be able to realize their dream faster.

A complicated, multi-phased medical procedure is used for receiving of oocytes from a woman’s organism. A woman’s organism usually generate only one oocyte during one menstrual cycle, which leaves the follicle during ovulation.

Increasing the chances of receiving embryo in the IVF process is due to the administration of drugs that stimulate the production of large numbers of oocytes. This is a procedure called “ovarian hyperstimulation”.

About 10 oocytes will be extracted from a donor after hyper stimulation. But, often a course of follicle stimulating hormones is accompanied by a discomfort and side effects. In the period of maturing of follicles, a donor should be under a constant control of specialists. Emotional background and good health condition of a woman have an impact on quality of received oocytes.

A procedure of selection of a donor in MySuroBaby

We try to follow the desires of our clients:

First of all couple always desires to fulfill its dream as soon as possible. Secondly,  clients always have their own imagination about appearance of their child, such as defining color of eyes and hair. That is why future parents, receive profiles of candidates on donation within shortest terms according to definite phonotypical features. Besides, if desired, we will take into consideration the requirements about religion, hobby, education and other parameters.

Monetary compensation for donation of oocytes is legal in Georgia. It is the country where the company chooses candidates on donation of oocytes that encourages women to take a part in such programs. Candidates are young women of 18-28 years that have passed a medical and psychological screening. In specialized clinics women will pass a preliminary hormone preparation and extraction of oocytes with a puncture. All main stages of donation of oocytes are passed under a control of specialists. MySuroBaby cooperates with certified and reliable reproductive clinics.

Our goal is the successful outcome of our programs, driven by the knowledge, skills and a large and friendly team.

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